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This is ALASKA, a big place with few people--in places the bear population is greater than the human inhabitants, even if you included their dogs.

For you that are coming here for the first time, especially those just for vacation, or maybe I should address the ones that have moved here that keep screwing the State up with their Lower-48 mind-set--take a deep breath, I'm probably going to offend you.

You have more than likely been schooled in the dubious theory that weapons are unequivocally bad and without merit--all they do is blindly kill innocents--the media the tool of the masters, always airing some friggin' moron, or one not familiar with the fine art of gun play or being skookum to life on the edge, doing something so horrendous that in the old days the MEN standing by would have gunned the son-of-a-bitch down in a heartbeat. I know that sounds pretty scary to soft, feminized America, but if anything I learned from my decades in the bush sticks with me, it is this--

It's your own friggin' stupid ass fault if you die foolishly. We have lost so much in this modern technologic world, don't you know it is the nature of man when not distracted by TV and all the other entertainments to be in a state much more wary. A place where the method of processing the ongoing ramifications of what is occurring around you become so prioritized in the Psyche, you become aware and wary because of it--

Primordial -- beyond the scope of most of this rush about we call living.So what's worse? Being cognizant enough about living that you act somewhat appropriately if threatened, or letting wild animals, morons and those less scrupulous usurp your God given rights to life, liberty and one's pursuit of happiness, whether it be by violence, intimidation or the equally unjust ruling away of our rights by apathetic consent.

Historically this Earth has always been pretty harsh on its inhabitants, it is only an illusion well spun that we are safe--a convenient way for Rulers to squeeze money from the masses to continue building their kingdoms--

So my advice is this -- GET OVER IT!

You've been brainwashed all your life --

Get a gun--learn how to use it -- learn how to handle it safely --You will feel really great, and somewhat more at peace than you ever have previously--I swear to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by W.J. Lynus O'Brien
07 June 2007

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Lynus O'Brien said:

August 05, 2009 Votes: +6


To "Scott of the North"

My that's an impressive name there mister, I'd be curious to hear how you you came by such a "masterful" handle? It appears you are one of the brainwashed I alluded to that I might offend. Yeah, you're right-- I must be terrified of the woods after 8,000 miles on horseback, full-time for three years through the Rocky mountains from south to north, wearing buckskins I made myself using bows and flintlock rifles, flint and steel for striking fire and sleeping under the stars for the most part.

Oh but that was before I moved to Alaska in the '70's and straight to the bush, trapped and lived subsistence, became a registered guide in '85 (still living in the bush) faced more near death than most I've met and stood against pissed off man and beast (not always with guns either) more times than I care to count for over thirty years. Yeah, plenty of "Real Life Situations" under my belt ya damn pilgrim.

It's folks like you with your high minded notions that made me finally quit guiding, leave the security of my wilderness (200 miles from town in far north-western Alaska) home to stand against the coming tyranny of the New World Order (the one's that have made you think you know all the answers, while you let them take everything including your instincts).

A favorite Quote of mine:

"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks." ~ ~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 19, 1785

But then you no doubt find that hilarious also--

So am now down in the States amidst the eye of the storm among the brainwashed stupidity of a country that has forgotten their roots. And FYI weaponless and in a non-violent manner standing against a more fearful foe than ever I did before-- hoping by written words, web sites and non violent action to stand against the NWO and save some of what I know to be true before we lose it all "samurai".

Lynus O'Brien

Michael Dukes said:

September 19, 2009 Votes: +7


Well spoken Mr. O'Brien.

A unarmed man is not a citizen, he is a subject.

That means he is also 'subject' to the whims of those who have no qualms about using force to satisfy their terrible aims.

I as much as the next man would love to live in a paradise of peace and harmony, the problem is, that paradise sounds great to half of us, to the other half it sounds like a great place to pillage.

Go Forth Armed. Anything else is just foolishness.

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