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Lynus O'brien at work on AlaskanSavvy.comAlaskanSavvy logo I'm not going to bs you, Alaska if you have been there, will make you hate her as much as love her--that said, it is a place like no other on Earth. Alaska is the last best place in many minds, but it is only, as said, the last best place, comparing to a pretty screwed up Country and World ,so if you believe all the Ak. State Tourist Bureau hyperbole you will find yourself somewhat disappointed, at odds with your dreams and possibly in jail...

It is still wild, but I repeat often, it is more The Lost Frontier, not the Last. Don't get me wrong, it is huge and wild, but that does not a frontier make--things have changed over the thirty years I've spent here. people's attitudes, what they think is proper behavior on the Last frontier has changed radically. But lets go back to the lead in statement, it's still the best place left. I suppose if I hadn't been on the Frontier when it was still that, I'd maybe not be so jaded- well, been working all day on this site so got to go to bed... To be continued... Check out all the info, links and such
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